Prestige Dental care is Florida’s leading dental care center. Whenever you are looking for braces or Invisalign in Lake Worth Florida, visit our Doctors. This blog will share the pros and cons of braces and Invisalign. And we are here to provide you with all the information you need to know.


Braces are the realist and the most common way to align teeth. Very primitive forms of braces were found in some Egyptian mummies. And the basic design of braces has been around for a couple of centuries.

But through much research and recent studies, modern braces have evolved and have become a safe and reliable method for straightening teeth. With the use of braces, your teeth are safely shifted, using the bonding brackets attached to each tooth. And those are connected with the help of metal wires. Each bracket is carefully placed to move your tooth in a particular way.

Braces Pros

Braces could provide, long lasting results for even the most severe cases of tooth misalignment because of their efficient designs. Braces use several methods, specially designed to bring shifted teeth in alignment. Braces allow consistent movement as they are bound to your teeth directly. As they are bonded to your teeth they are constantly moving your teeth for the results expected.

The cost of the treatment plays a major role while seeking dental treatment. Braces are less expensive. In some cases, insurance may cover the full expense for younger patients. Compared to Invisalign, this is a cost-effective method.

Braces Cons

Braces are permanent and you cannot remove them. You have to be very strict and careful about what you eat. And a very rigorous cleaning routine. Food can get stuck in your braces and can cause problems. So regular dental visits are a must. You have to keep your mouth clean and you have to be very rigorous about it.


If you are in search of teeth straightening treatment that is nearly invisible in appearance, then Invisalign® is your go-to treatment method. It’s been almost 20 years since Invisalign® was introduced into the market. Invisalign® revolutionized dental care. 

Invisalign® Pros

The biggest pro is that Invisalign® is nearly invisible. It is a clear plastic aligner, designed to sit comfortably in your teeth and gradually shift your teeth in the correct positions. Also, it does not rely on any metal wires.

Invisalign® can be removed and they are very easy to clean. So there is no restriction on what you eat. You can take your Invisalign® off and soak it in a cleaning solution and rub it gently with a brush to clean it.

They are comfortable and easy to wear. Because they are custom made by your dentist to fit your mouth perfectly. And they do not cause any discomfort like braces.

Invisalign® Cons

Some complex conditions cannot be solved using Invisalign®. They are very expensive and some cases are not covered by insurance. They need to be removed every time you are eating.

In case of drinking anything other than water, you need to remove it too. As it is removable, some aligners can get damaged during the removal.

Final Words

If you need braces or Invisalign® in Lake Worth Florida, Prestige Dental Care is the place for you. We are always here to inform you about your options available. Invisalign or braces- our team of experts is always here to assist you and help you pick the right treatment.