Dental crowns are extremely durable and frequently last a lifetime for the majority of patients. However, accidents happen, and as a result a crown could chip or break. The pain can be unbearable and you will possibly need to contact an emergency dentist immediately.

At the very least, a broken crown tooth should prompt patients to contact their emergency dentist to explain what occurred and the dentist will determine whether you need immediate treatment or not. This is no reason to panic; contact us and one of our experts will schedule an appointment for you. Meanwhile, we’ve listed some things you can do in the meantime!

When Does a Dental Emergency Occur?

Fillings and crowns can come out for many reasons, one of them is chewing hard food, which can cause a crown to loosen or fracture. A filling or crown may also fall out as a result of tooth decay, which occurs when the tooth’s foundation rots away, resulting in the tooth losing support and falling out.

Is This a True Emergency?

When properly cared for, fillings and crowns are intended to be permanent. When a filling or crown pops out and your tooth is exposed to hot or cold substances, this can cause pain or discomfort. While an emergency situation is unlikely, you should not put off scheduling a dentist appointment.

A crown is used to protect a tooth. Failure to promptly replace a broken or lost crown can result in additional damage, decay, and discomfort due to bacterial infections.

What Should You Do Prior to Your Appointment with Our Dentists?

If you break a crown, the first thing you should do is store it safely. If it is not completely broken, it may be simple to repair. Then, contact our Lake Worth dentists to schedule an appointment. Before a crown can be replaced, your tooth will almost certainly need to be cleaned, and additional procedures may be necessary if there are signs of infection or decay.

When a crown is lost, the exposed tooth may present additional damage. Clove oil or Anbesol may be applied to the area to help alleviate the pain before you see your dentist. If a dental crown is extracted completely intact, it may be possible to reattach it temporarily but always consult with your dentist first.


Regardless of whether the crown requires replacement, you should have a professional examine your tooth to detect any signs of decay and take the necessary steps to treat it. Contact our trained and friendly dental professionals at Prestige Dental Care of South Florida if you ever lose a crown!