What is Bruxism?

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a commonly found condition among people. This condition means that you grind or clench your teeth without any intention. This can also lead to the development of problems like erosion of teeth, pain in the muscles, damage to the teeth, etc. People are known to have this condition while being awake or asleep. To solve this problem and to protect your tooth, you should first consult Prestige Dental Care and then take action accordingly.

How to Know If You Have Bruxism?

The condition of bruxism occurs mostly when people are asleep. Therefore, it is difficult to diagnose this condition without seriously looking at the symptoms. If you have bruxism, then you face pain in the teeth, sore jaw, and other relevant medical conditions. Moreover, the people sleeping beside you when you are sleeping can also confirm the fact if you are indeed grinding your teeth or not.

If you have any suspicion, then you should talk to our dentists for a thorough checkup. It is always better to find our medical problems early as possible. Because, if you find the problem late, then the consequences will be serious and you may even need crowns, root canals, implants, or more. You might even cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and also cause chronic headaches due the chronic pain.

What are Nightguards and How can These Combat Bruxism?

Nightguards are popularly used by patients as recommended by dentists for their teeth grinding problems. This device called nightguard can help protect your teeth from a significant amount of damage. This is why people with bruxism are advised to use nightguards. Everyone has a different shape and size of tooth present and that is why a custom-made nightguard is the better solution for everyone. The main reason behind the usage of a nightguard is to change the behavior of the patient and change the teeth grinding behavior gradually.

How can Nightguards be Customized & Which Nightguards are Better Against Bruxism?

Nightguards can be customized and made from different varieties of materials as per necessity. The main difference between the different types is said to be the degree of rigidity and of course, the comfort of the patient is a crucial factor. You can even customize your nightguard with multiple materials as per your comfort. But you should check up with and follow the dentist’s recommendation.

Hard nightguards are said to be made from acrylic resin. These are also noted to be most durable and most helpful. Nightguards can be customized based on your available tooth layout which will suit you better and help provide you with more comfort. Mixed custom nightguards are seen to be used by people more. It is said by the dentist that, if you are someone with a gag reflex, then a lower type of nightguard might be better suited for you.


You should schedule an appointment with our dentists and make a customized nightguard for you to use as per your comfort and the advice of the dentist. The nightguard should be used until your teeth grinding behavior is not rectified or until your dentist tells you to stop. Proper utilization of the nightguard and follow-up with the dentist should be kept in mind as well.