Dentures in Lake Worth Florida

A person’s smile is one of the most important characteristics to be confident, but missing teeth can keep you from having a complete and beautiful smile. A reputed and experienced dental care team can help you achieve the perfect smile by using dentures. Dentures are false teeth that can help you replace your missing teeth seamlessly. Prestige Dental Care is one of the best dental care offices that offers the most natural-looking dentures in Lake Worth Florida at a competitive price.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth, generally made of acrylic or porcelain that replaces your missing teeth. If you have lost teeth due to aging, dentures can restore a more youthful appearance and can also help you chew with ease. Here at Prestige Dental Care, we are determined to help you get the perfect dentures that can be the best match for your dental needs.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures can improve your life in a multitude of ways. They can help you eat your favorite foods, improve your speech, keep your cheeks from sinking in, restore a youthful appearance, and regain a full and youthful smile. These will help you increase your confidence as well and improve your daily life.

How to know if dentures are for you?

You may need dentures if you have broken, missing, or infected teeth. You will naturally lose bone as you age, which could lead to loose teeth. We can help fix these problems right here in Lake Worth, Florida, either with complete or partial dentures, and help you smile confidently. You will also need to consult our dentists if you have the proper jaw bone structure and volume and which type of dentures will be the best fit for you.

How long will it take to get dentures?

Here at Prestige Dental Care, we offer conventional and immediate dentures. Immediate dentures, as the name suggests, can be worn immediately after teeth extraction and, after a few months, will need to be replaced by conventional dentures once your gum and bone have healed. On the other hand, conventional dentures require healing for eight to twelve weeks after teeth are removed.

Our dentists and services of dentures in Lake Worth Florida can offer you the best consultation on which dentures will be best for you. Our quality services ensure you get the best treatment at the right time in the perfect way.

What is an In-House Dental Lab?

Prestige Dental Care offers patients the convenience, reliability and safety of our in-house state of the art dental laboratory.

By offering this remarkable service, we save you time by reducing the amount of appointments needed to finish your treatment. A typical dental office would ship out your dental case to an off-site dental laboratory. This would add on 2 to 3 appointments and about 3 to 5 weeks of time. At Prestige Dental Care we can have your denture treatment finished within 1 to 2 weeks.

We take pride in our ability to produce high quality and cost effective dentures for your dental needs. Prestige Dental Care in Lake Worth Florida welcomes the most difficult and urgent cases.

Why choose us?

We offer the best dental services here in Lake Worth, Florida. We will put your needs first while helping you choose the best dentures for you. Our proficient dentists can help you with the finest consultancy and expertise. We will also be considerate of your time while guiding you through this long-term procedure. Our office and dental lab only use the highest quality of dental materials.

If you believe that dentures are the right choice for you and want a radiant, confident smile, contact us at Prestige Dental Care today. Residents of Lake Worth, Florida can set up an appointment with ease and get started on the consultancy shortly. We will set up your appointment with our experienced dentists and help you get the best procedures at the most reasonable rates.

For more details about dentures in Lake Worth Florida or have any questions about our services or procedures before making up your mind, feel free to visit our page on dentures here.