If you have advanced gum disease (periodontitis) your dentist may recommend treatment in Lake Worth Florida to remove and reshape diseased gum tissue. This will eliminate pockets between the teeth and gums, allowing visibility and accessibility. The procedure is considered safe and is typically completed in less than an hour at a dental office.

Who Is a Candidate for a Gum Disease Treatment?

For individuals who have a gummy smile as a result of gingival overgrowth, treatment is safe, quick, and effective and it will significantly improve the appearance of the gum line. This procedure is extremely effective for those who have severe gum disease and gingivitis and cannot be cured with antibiotics or root planning and scaling. 

This procedure assists patients with periodontal disease in recovering from the condition’s effects and improving the health of the supporting structures around the teeth.

Is It Uncomfortable?

The procedure is performed using local anesthetic, which ensures that you will feel no pain during your visit. However, you may experience some pain and discomfort following the procedure. Many dentists now use laser to reshape the gums, which minimizes discomfort.

What You Should Expect?

All of our patients will receive the best care. To begin, we will numb the area of the gums that will be treated. The area is disinfected with an antibiotic rinse after the gum tissue is removed.

What to Expect Following Surgery?

After the anesthetic wears off, the area will require some healing time and you can resume your normal daily activities. Stitches are used on specific cases, but they are not always required.

It is normal for the treated area to be sore for 24 to 48 hours after treatment. To ensure an effective recovery period, it is critical to take the prescribed medication and schedule a follow-up appointment.

The Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment

When gums recede from the teeth as a result of gum disease, periodontal pockets form, making it difficult to clean away plaque and calculus buildup, which accelerates the progression of gum disease. The following are some of the benefits of treatment for patients suffering from gum disease:

  • Prevents gum disease
  • Eliminates diseased tissue
  • Periodontal pockets are reduced
  • Enhances the ability to maintain proper hygiene
  • Contributes to the preservation of teeth and bone
  • Contributes to a healthier mouth in general

What Do I Need To Do To Ensure The Health Of My Gums?

After your visit to our dental office, you should continue to take care of your dental health. Daily brushing and flossing at home will prevent plaque accumulation and the formation of calculus around your teeth. Keep in mind that dental care should be an ongoing process and that it is critical to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions here at Prestige Dental Care.

Make an appointment in Lake Worth Florida with one of our dentists by calling us or by visiting Prestige Dental Care. An emergency dentist can assist you in determining what is causing your gum problems or any instances of tooth pain and in determining a long-lasting cure.