Nowadays, we barely have time to deal with our well being, because of the speedy ways of life and madly bustling plans for getting work done. Some dental patients experience the effects of a grin that is truly rotted or harmed, and feel like there is no time to fix the problem. 

Full mouth restoration, is a treatment where numerous or each of your teeth is reestablished or supplanted. You might be qualified for full mouth restoration assuming you have periodontal disease, tooth rot or have lost teeth, in addition to numerous different circumstances that can end in full mouth restoration. The course of full mouth restoration begins with a dental appointment. Our dental specialists will play out a visual assessment of the patient’s teeth, searching for indications of harm. X-ray or digital images will be utilized to get a clearer picture of what is happening under the surface. 

Contingent upon the dental specialist’s analysis and the patient’s clinical history, our dental specialists will suggest suitable medicines or treatment. Here is a list of options our dental specialist may perform while working on a patient’s mouth restoration: 

Composite Holding

This method is performed utilizing a composite pitch. It tends to be utilized to fix a wide scope of oral issues like chipped teeth, harm done by tooth rot, stains, and gaps between teeth. Fixing a harmed tooth with composite gum is perhaps the most easy and affordable way of fixing the problem.

Dental Crowns

These are flexible oral rebuilding efforts that are utilized for helpful and corrective purposes. A crown reestablishes the usefulness of a harmed tooth, and it shields it from damaging agents in the mouth like acids and bacteria. 

Dental Veneers

These are flimsy shells that are utilized to veil imperfections on an individual’s teeth. They are positioned on the facade of the tooth and they can be placed with ease and in a timely manner. The facade is regularly made from porcelain, which is impervious to most sorts of stains. 


Dentures are the most efficient choice accessible to individuals who have lost the vast majority of their teeth. Teeth are held set up by means of attractions, glues or embeds, and they reestablish the functionality of the patient’s lost teeth. 

Dental Implants

Implants are utilized to replace missing teeth and their underlying foundations. During the treatment, the dental specialist embeds a screw or pole into the patient’s jawbone. 

Missing, unhealthy teeth can be caused by an assortment of elements, including injury, tooth extraction, rotting, and decaying. If you are looking for full mouth restoration in Lake Worth Florida, you can contact our dental specialists at Prestige Dental Care. 

Our specialists will work together with you to recognize the ideal treatment for reestablishing your dental wellbeing and functionality. Call us to begin your journey to a healthier, beautiful smile!