Nobody can deny for a better and more confident smile, dentures whether partial or full, are a great option. A stable denture not only helps to maintain good oral health but also improves lives in so many different ways. 

Dentures are stable and last a long time, being also important because similar to all dental restoration, dentures also need replacements. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for Dentures in Lake Worth Florida, Prestige Dental Care is always happy to help you.

Here are some signs to check that clould indicate you might require a denture replacement:

1. Your Dentures are Not Fitting Well

If you have been wearing your dentures for a few years, the overall fit of your dentures may get loose. It may happen because your underlying bone structure is shifting constantly. A lose denture can be very uncomfortable for eating and speaking.  A lose denture can be fixed with a simple realining procedure but if you see a significant change in how your dentures fit, it might be better to replace them.

2. You Are Using Your Dentures For A Long Time

Although dentures are made of high-quality materials, they have a specific lifespan. Usually, a good denture can last up to 10 years. So if you are using your dentures for more than ten years it is best to replace them or at least check them with your dentist to have a better idea of how good they are functioning and how long you can use them.

3. You Have Broken Your Dentures

Damaging a denture is not uncommon. If your dentures have any cracks or chips, it is better to replace them. Sometimes the base of your dentures can brake and without a base, a denture will not serve its purpose, so in that case, you must replace your dentures.

4. You Have Missing A Tooth In Your Denture

Sometimes the artificial teeth of your dentures may get broken and when this happens you can replace the whole denture or in some cases, you can simply repair it. But to be sure you must visit your dentist to be assessed.

5. Your Dentures Got Dirty Or Discolored

With time, your dentures get stained, dirty, and discolored. Although, it does not harm the function of the dentures, for a confident smile it is better to replace them. Sometimes stains can be a result of bacteria hiding in cracks on your dentures. In that case, if you are not careful it may cause infection in the gums and create other dental issues.

6. You Are Feeling Pain And Discomfort

Sometimes your dentures are not fitted well; an unfitted denture may cause pain and discomfort. To solve that you must replace your dentures.

It is unnecessary to live with a slipping or damaged denture. You can always replace your dentures for a confident smile and better oral health. For more information regarding dentures replacement in Lake Worth Florida, you are always welcome to call us for an appointment or use our website to book an appointment online.