Your confidence blooms to the fullest when you are carrying it with a bright smile. But how can you smile confidently if you are concerned about your yellow teeth every time you smile? 

If this is the case, Teeth Whitening can be your gateway to the ultimate solution. It’s totally safe and quick which will bring back your confidence in no time. 

The Reason Behind Yellow Teeth

Before starting teeth whitening treatment, you should consider the reasons behind that unwanted stained smile. If you follow a diet that includes coffee, wine, consuming staining foods or using specific medication that is affecting the color of your teeth then teeth whitening could be the right treatment for you. 

But let’s discuss when teeth whitening treatment might not be beneficial for you. We all should know that the outer layer of teeth consists of white enamel, while the inner layer is built with yellow dentin. 

So, if for any reason the outer layer starts to wear off, the yellow layer will be visible. Since the yellowness comes from the natural teeth; in this case, the Teeth Whitening treatment might not be the best option. Teeth whitening works only if stains provoke the yellowness on the teeth

Teeth Whitening Procedures: 

Our dentists at Prestige Dental Care treat yellow teeth with utmost proficiency to provide pearly white teeth. Teeth whitening treatment is a simple process that removes the stains from the outermost layer of the teeth, giving your smile the whitest, natural looking color for a brighter smile.

Depending on the severity of the yellowness on the teeth, our team will make recommendations on the type of whitening treatment suitable for you.  

Vital Whitening
Vital whitening and non-vital whitening are the two types of in-office whitening procedure. When hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is applied on the teeth to penetrate some distance into the tooth and actively lift stains off the surface this is a Vital Whitening treatment.

Non-vital Whitening
If your tooth is discolored from the inside out or if the stain is coming from the center of the tooth, then your way to go will be Non-vital Whitening. This treatment is suitable when the tooth has had a root canal and no crown was placed.

Nonetheless; in any situation, yellow teeth should never decrease your confidence and that’s why in Prestige Dental Care we are ready to offer you a vast range of teeth whitening treatments, which will adjust to your needs. Come today and get the brightest smile!