No one is immune to cracked teeth, no matter how strong your teeth are. Patients and dentists deal with cracked teeth on a regular basis. According to studies, they are the third most common cause of tooth loss. So our dentists in Lake Worth, FL advise everyone to follow some simple yet effective ways to prevent cracked teeth. 

Cracked teeth can have an aesthetic impact, but they can also result in the death of the nerve and/or the creation of an abscess, ending up in a possible root canal or, in the worst-case scenario, tooth extraction. As you can see, preventing a cracked tooth in the first place is quite important. Below are some of the effective tips to prevent cracked teeth:

Be Careful When You Eat and Bite

A person biting on a hard item most usually causes a cracked tooth. Pay attention to your bad habits. Whether you nibble in ice cubes for no reason, or you chew on a pen while writing or thinking. Habits like these can cause crooked teeth. 

Avoid Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Using teeth as a tool is quite a common reason for cracked teeth. We tend to use our teeth as tools for opening various things around the household. Using teeth to open a bottle, rip duct tape or tear packages can easily cause cracked teeth. Using your teeth for only intended purposes will keep you from cracked teeth. 

Keep Away from Clenching or Grinding Teeth

The habit of clenching or grinding teeth is one typical reason that frequently results in cracked teeth. For some, it’s just a bad habit that can be solved. Others may suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a type of oral Para functional activity characterized by unintended tooth grinding and jaw clenching. 

It is a neuromuscular activity that is directed by a subconscious process. Individuals suffering from Bruxism should consult a specialist to treat the disorder. Taking the right steps to break bad habits will lead to a healthier set of teeth. 

Guard Your Teeth

If you’re someone who loves sports, you should keep in mind that sports injuries can cause trauma to your teeth, leading to cracked teeth. So to prevent cracked teeth, make sure to wear a mouth guard during extreme sports such as martial arts, boxing, hockey etc. 

Regular Dental Checkups

Scheduling regular appointments with your dentist will save you in the long run for cracked teeth as well other dental ailments. 

We, at Prestige Dental Care of Florida provide the best services to prevent cracked teeth in Lake Worth Florida.