It’s very critical to act with haste when the slightest tooth pain occurs. Delays in treatment can result in bigger problems for your oral health. In any case, sometimes tooth pain may be troublesome, that is why we demonstrate here what you can do to mitigate your tooth pain and what to do before your visit to Prestige Dental Care for tooth treatment.

Figuring Out the Cause of Tooth Pain

It is necessary to take a quick action to find the cause of the tooth pain. Prestige Dental Care is very well equipped with their state of the art facility to handle all emergencies. There are certainly a few factors that can be the reason behind tooth pain:

  1. Gum disease
  2. Bruxism
  3. Cavity
  4. Abscessed tooth
  5. Chipped and cracked tooth

How to Relieve Tooth Pain Before Your Visit to the Dentist

While you wait for an urgent dental appointment, here are some measures that you can follow at your house to decrease your tooth pain. But for the long run, you will want to visit your dentist as quickly as possible if your tooth pain increases in severity or remains over time.

Taking the Over-the-Counter Painkillers:

This can help in reducing pain and inflammation with medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. For supervision as to how much you must take, use the instructions on the package. Please remember that it is only momentary pain relief, and your dentist will need to look after the real cause behind the pain.

Using Warm Salt Water:

Our dentists recommend it to help reduce inflammation and allergic reaction. It is suggested as a natural remedy. This can help to scrub away bacteria, clean your mouth a couple of times a day at home using this technique. Floss can also be used for the removal of debris or microbes, and for successful treatment you can wash with warm salt water until you visit our dentists.

Use Ice in that Place:

A cold compress or ice pack on the area may help relieve tooth pain and decrease swelling. Make sure you don’t place the ice or cold compress directly on your tooth as that can boost the pain. Keeping it on your face can alleviate the pain.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide:

This tends to work like saltwater by combating infections and microbes in your mouth. Use a little bit of water mixed with a mouth washing solution. It may help the infectious disease to decrease as you look forward to the diagnosis from your dentist.

Finally, do not wait until your semi-annual dental visit for treatment if you have tooth pain. Dental pain may indicate your tooth is in danger and therefore should be properly treated. Visit Prestige Dental Care to fix an appointment with one of our dentists. An emergency dentist can help you identify anything behind your tooth pain and find a long-lasting cure.