Did you know that as many as twenty percent of Americans experience anxiety before a dentist appointment, and a lot of them keep away from ordinary checkups because of excessive fear? If you ever get frightened you should consider going to one of our dentists, you`re now no longer alone. Dental anxiety is a real thing and you can certainly overcome it with some help. Instead of postponing your visit, take a look at this article to cope with your dental anxiety.

Why You Might have Dental Anxiety

Routine dental appointments, unlike other phobias, are far too important to your health to be ignored or pushed.

There are a variety of reasons why you might be afraid of the dentist. Perhaps you had a traumatic encounter in the dental chair as a child. 

Perhaps your dental phobia is the result of:

  • Assuming that your visit will end in pain.
  • Fear of shots and loud noises of dental tools and the possibility that they will fail.
  • The worry of having someone working on your teeth.
  • The shame of not taking care of your teeth and being judged.

Wherever your concern lies, your oral health is vital to your entire well-being.

Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety

  • Choose a dental office where they offer ways to distract yourself from your anxiety: There are clinics that offer visual and auditory distractions while you wait or undergo treatment. Distraction helps a lot in case of anxiety.
  • Arrive just before your appointment time: Spending too much waiting might trigger your anxiety as you will be thinking about the process. Avoid giving too much time thinking into the appointment. 
  • Be vocal about your discomfort: Remember you are there for yourself. Don’t back away from voicing out your discomfort. The staff is there to help you. If they don’t cooperate, it’s time to change your dentist.
  • Take breaks in between: Take breaks in between the treatment to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.
  • Book your next appointment after the current one: This will be helpful to get you prepared for your next appointment. You will feel a lot more in control over your anxiety.
  • Bring a friend with you: Having someone to help you through the appointment will definitely ease your anxiety.


It’s possible to overcome dental anxiety, visit our dentist in Lake Worth FL. Our Dental professionals here at www.prestigedentalcarefl.com understand dental anxiety and will make sure to make patients feel more at ease in the dentist’s chair for the sake of their smiles and overall health.