Humans, unlike other animals, cannot regrow a tooth. When a tooth falls out, it’s gone for good. However, there is good news: we can replace teeth with sturdy, natural-looking dentures, bridges, and implants. Unfortunately, far too many of us choose not to replace a missing tooth, especially if it is positioned further back in the mouth, out of sight when we smile or talk.

If you happen to live in Lake Worth and want to get Dentures Lake Worth, Prestige Dental Care can provide the service. When you do not replace a lost tooth, you dramatically increase your chances of developing more serious problems in the future, including more tooth loss that can limit your ability to eat and speak.

Ignoring Missing Teeth Can Cause:

Increasing rate of gum disease

A missing tooth serves as a breeding ground for bacteria looking for a warm area to live and reproduce. This condition resulted in gingivitis. If left untreated, it evolves to periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease that puts you at risk of losing additional teeth.

Gum disease has also been related to an increased risk of significant health problems like heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes.

Jaw pain and headaches

Because our teeth work in pairs, losing one tooth can throw off the equilibrium of your entire mouth. As the equilibrium alters, it puts extra pressure on other teeth and parts of your mouth, frequently without your knowledge.

Differences in muscular strain can impact your jaw joints over time, creating considerable jaw and facial pain as well as recurrent headaches. Untreated tooth loss can lead to temporomandibular joint disease, a chronic ailment with persistently painful symptoms.

Changes how your face looks

The structure beneath your skin determines the appearance and shape of your face. The shapes of your face are determined by your jawbone, cheekbones, skull, and teeth. If you have missing teeth, even if only one, it might have an impact on your appearance.

Dentures rebuild the structure of your face, preventing it from sagging and sinking.

Changes in how you chew and eat

When you lose a tooth, it changes how you chew. You tend to avoid that area by chewing just on the opposite side of your mouth, or you change your bite in an unnatural fashion. To avoid pain, you may need to adjust your diet. Without a plan to maintain a good nutrient balance, you may be removing much-needed proteins and other critical substances from your diet. This could eventually lead to malnourishment and other health issues.

Dentures are a great replacement for a missing tooth and to avoid the above-mentioned complications. And there are other options to deal with missing teeth as well.  If you are considering getting Dentures in Lake Worth, Prestige Dental Care is there for you where you can discuss and get a denture.