It’s critical to completely discuss and understand the tooth extraction procedure with your oral surgeon before having a tooth extraction performed by a dentist. After a tooth extraction, your gums will be very sensitive. There are a few things you must avoid to ensure a fast recovery. For your tooth extraction recovery, the dentist’s office will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Follow these directions to the point and contact the dentist’s office if you have any concerns or have any issues.

Details of what NOT to do after tooth extraction

For the first 48 hours DO NOT:

  1. Smoke: When it comes to tooth extraction, the chemicals in cigarettes can interfere with blood coagulation and increase the risk of dry socket. After your extraction, you should not smoke for at least 48 hours.
  2. Rinse your mouth: While you may be tempted to rinse or gargle to clean your mouth, do not do so for the first 48 hours since it will slow the clotting process or possibly dislodge a clot that has formed.
  3. Sneeze or blow your nose: This is especially true if an upper tooth has been extracted. Blowing your nose and sneezing apply pressure on the clot, which can dislodge it. If you can’t stop yourself from sneezing, keep your mouth open to relieve the pressure.
  4. Keep your tongue away from the extraction site: Keep your tongue away from the open place where you once had a tooth, even if it seems strange. This can cause a healed clot to get dislodged, increasing your chances of developing a dry socket.
  5. Use straws: When you drink, use a straw. The sucking action can dislodge your clot, increasing your risk of bleeding and dry socket. Straws should be avoided for at least 48 hours.
  6. Spit: Instead of spitting out the saliva and blood that’s formed in your mouth, lean over to the sink and let the saliva and blood drip out.

After 48 hours:

  1. Avoid eating seeds and hard foods: Avoid consuming hard foods, foods that take a lot of chewing, and foods that include seeds or small grains until the area is completely healed, as these might irritate and damage the healing area.
  2. Avoid using a toothbrush: While regular oral hygiene is important, keep your toothbrush away from the extraction site until it has healed. Brushing this area can dislodge a clot and cause the wound to heal more slowly.
  3. For at least 10 days, do not drink alcohol or carbonated beverages as the chemical compound of the drinks can cause complications to your extraction site.

In case any complication arises such as nausea, vomiting, pain and swelling, consistent bleeding for more than 24 hours, high fever, or drainage from the extraction site – call your dentist’s office immediately and visit the clinic for emergency treatment.

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