An adult can have up to 32 teeth but most have a jaw that can only have 28 teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear at the end of the jaw. They usually appear around the age of 17 – 25. For some, it can be even later. If you are looking for a Dentist that specializes in removing wisdom teeth, come to Prestige Dental Care and we will provide you with the best care possible.

Symptoms of a Wisdom Tooth

There are some symptoms you might find when you have a wisdom tooth growing. You might feel that your gums are softer than usual. There are possibilities of gum bleeding, and sometimes the pain might feel unbearable.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Present a Problem?

The short answer is, no. Sometimes there is enough space for wisdom teeth to grow without any issues. In that case, you might feel slight discomfort when the tooth is growing but once it comes out of the gum then you should be good.

Problems You Should be Prepared For

In some cases, the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to grow and set in. Some portion of the tooth will be under the gum and the rest will be putting pressure on the tooth on the front. This could cause a lot of pain and discomfort. 

While wisdom teeth pain can be unbearable, you should not wait until then to get them looked at. Our team will take an X-ray to see where the tooth its positioned and its root. If it has enough space to grow, there shouldn’t be any problems but if there is no room for another tooth, then extraction is necessary.

If you are looking in Lake Worth Florida wisdom teeth experts then look no further, Prestige Dental Care is the right option for you.

The wisdom teeth on the lower jaw could be harder to remove but nothing to worry when you have specialists taking care of you. Local anesthetic or sedatives will be applied to numb the area. And in some special cases, general anesthetic might be needed.

Your mouth might feel a bit numb and sore after the removal but that is to be expected. It will go away after a few days of the initial removal.


Wisdom teeth are very common but do not worry! If you are looking for Lake Worth Florida wisdom teeth pain experts, we are the best option. You can visit us or give us a call for an initial consultation.