As much as you need to maintain your physical and mental health, you have to give the same priority to your oral health. For that, you can check out the best dentists in Lake Worth, Florida at Prestige Dental Care for a check up before further problems appear.

In order to maintain oral hygiene, you should take care of your teeth and your tongue. Scrubbing your tongue while brushing your teeth on a regular basis is important. Remember, the condition of your tongue shows the condition of your oral health.

Here are some spots or bumps on your tongue that talk about your oral health:

  • White Patches: If you see white patches on your tongue it can indicate poor oral hygiene. It happens due to the growth of yeast inside the mouth. Brushing your teeth as well as your tongue can help reduce the growth.
  • White Coating: When your tongue has a white coating on the surface, it is the result of the overgrowth of papillae. It is due to the plaque bacteria. It is a common condition among people with dry mouth and poor oral hygiene.
  • Black or brown tint: Another condition that creates discolor or black spots on your tongue, is known as black hairy tongue. This is usually the result of the growth of a certain bacteria called “Papillae”. This condition can appear because of overuse of tobacco or result of reaction towards certain medication.
  • Striped Tongue: If you see stripes on your tongue it can indicate that your immune system is compromised. In medical terms, it is known as “Oral Lichen Planus”. Ignoring this condition can lead to major gum diseases and other oral problems.
  • Red or Swollen Tongue: Sometimes you can find your tongue red and swollen. This may also be a symptom of deficiency of vitamins in your body.
  • Ridges on Tongue: On some occasions, you can find ridges or indentations on your tongue. It is a common condition that appears because of pressing teeth on the tongue while sleeping. It can also be a symptom of a fissured tongue.
  • Yellow Tongue: A yellow tongue is an indication of infection or acid reflux. It also can be early symptoms of a black hairy tongue condition. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to major diseases.
  • Pale and Smooth Tongue: What problem can be the result of a pale smooth tongue when it does not seem as bad as other symptoms? Unfortunately, it shows a very serious condition not only inside your mouth but also your entire body. It may indicate an iron deficiency, in other words, “anemia”.

Therefore, oral hygiene is the most important component of your overall health. For better care and treatment, you can visit the best dentist in Lake Worth, at Prestige Dental Care. Please contact us for more information and take care of your oral health.