Dental crowns, also known as caps, are a common restorative option often used in dentistry that has as its main purpose the full protection of damaged, worn down or discolored teeth, restoring its natural anatomy and strength. By covering the tooth all around, a crown keeps the tooth together, provide extra strength and giving it a healthier look.

Crowns are recommended in a variety of situations; they are needed when a tooth loses its natural strength due to fractures that compromise its integrity, or in cases where an existing large filling has been damaged and needs extra support to maintain the tooth together. Crowns are also employed to protect teeth after a root canal treatment and are also used as anchors for dental bridges. Your caring dentist at our office in Lake Worth will discuss with you if any of your teeth need crowns to attain optimal oral health.


Yes, it will. Here at Prestige Dental Care, your caring dentist will make sure your crowns are made taking into consideration your existing dentition and overall oral anatomy. They are made to match your natural tooth shape, size, length and color. In the case you have a specific cosmetic request, make sure to discuss it with the dentist during prior treatment in order to come up with the best treatment solution.


Several types of materials are used for the fabrication of crowns. Among these materials we have ceramics, porcelain, metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, etc. Here, at Prestige Dental Care, when fabricating a crown, your dentist will confer with you to make sure to select the best shade is chosen so that your crown will blend in with your natural dentition regardless of the material used.

Our main goal is for the crown to fit comfortably in your mouth and to look natural. Therefore, when deciding the type of material to use for your crown, your caring dentist will take into account many factors such as the function and position of your tooth, the position of your gum in relation to the tooth, the shade of your teeth, the amount of tooth that shows when you smiles and of course, your preference.


Crowns are typically needed in cases where there is substantial loss of tooth structure, broken teeth or where root canal treatment has been done. A crown requires more tooth structure removal than a veneer does, however, a crown will protect all surfaces of the coronal portion of the tooth while a veneer is limited to some surfaces. In addition, back teeth, such as your molars, require more protection since they take such heavy forces from chewing and grinding food. Therefore, your gentle dentist at Prestige Dental Care in Lake Worth may recommend a crown instead of a veneer order to assure the longevity of the tooth. In fact, veneers are mainly used for the front teeth and very rarely for back teeth.


Generally the process consists of two visits. At the first visit the structure of your tooth is reduced in order for the crown to fit over it. After this is accomplished, an impression of your gums and teeth as well as a registration of your bite is taken. The impression is taken in order to register the size and shape of your teeth. We will send the impression and bite registration to a dental lab in order for your crown to be made. Finally, a temporary crown will be made and cemented on your prepared tooth in order to protect it until your permanent crown is fabricated. It is at this first appointment that you and your dentist choose the color and any specific characteristics needed for your crown

At your second visit we will remove the temporary crown and deliver your permanent crown. An x-ray is always taken in order to confirm the proper fit of your new crown on your tooth. Once this is confirmed, your crown is permanently cemented onto the tooth. Your crown may have to be adjusted somewhat in order to attain perfect positioning into the dental arch and harmony with the rest of your teeth.


It is extremely important that you brush and floss at least twice a day in order to prevent the accumulation of plaque that will lead to the formation of new cavities not only in your natural teeth but also under your crowns. If you have many crowns in your mouth, and especially if you feel that you have dry mouth, make sure to ask your friendly dentist at Prestige Dental Care in Lake Worth if a prescription strength toothpaste is right for you. In addition to proper oral hygiene at home, dental hygiene visits to our office two to four times a year (depending on your specific needs) is important not only to maintain your teeth cavity-free but also to prevent any gum disease.

Lastly, avoid chewing on hard objects or on ice; a diet free of hard foods will prevent crown damage.

If you are considering crown work with a trustworthy dentist near you, call us today at (561) 965-3933 or click below for a consultation.

If you are considering Crowns with a caring dentist near you, call us today at (561) 965-3933 or click below for a consultation