Tooth loss is a frequent problem and it can occur due to different reasons such as extensive cavities, gum (periodontal) disease and trauma. Dental implants are a very popular option in patients who are missing one or several teeth. It consists of placing a biocompatible screw-like surgical component, usually made of metallic materials such titanium, into your jawbone in order to support a natural looking dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture with the purpose of replacing any missing teeth restoring your natural smile. Modern implants have been successfully used for over thirty years. They are the strongest dental devices to support replacement teeth and in addition to this, they allow these new teeth to look, feel and function naturally. For more information about implants as an option to replace missing teeth ask our dentist near you at Prestige Dental Care


There are many advantages to having dental implants as replacement for missing teeth. Some of them are listed below.

– You will no longer be self conscious about your missing teeth.
– You will have a secure and comfortable fit that allows for a natural feeling; thus avoiding the slipping of traditional dentures.
– Adjacent teeth won’t need to have any structure removed in order to allow for the implant and its prosthesis to be delivered into your mouth as it is in the case of dental bridges.
– You will be able to smile, talk and eat normally without the inconvenience of possibly having some metal showing as is in the case with partial dentures.


In order to have implants placed, you must have adequate bone levels, healthy gums and have good overall health. Proper anatomy and adequate bone volume are important for implants to be placed.

Implants are not recommended if you suffer from chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or leukemia, have certain habits such as smoking, bruxing or clenching or people who take certain medications such as immunosuppressants. For bruxers and clenchers, however, your friendly Lake Worth dentist at PDC can custom make night guard in order to protect the implant as much as possible from breaking under the forces of your heavy bite. Chronic conditions, if under control and stable as reported by your primary physician, may not preclude you from replacing your missing teeth with implants either. Smoking, however, is one of the leading conditions that put implants at risk of failure. Please let our dentist near you at PDC know if you suffer from any of the above conditions before considering implants as a restorative alternative.

Furthermore, if you are someone who is struggling to withstand dentures in your mouth, implants may be the solution to your problem! Implants help make dentures more stable or may even be used without a denture and just be used to directly replace missing teeth. Ask your caring dentist in Lake Worth how implants may benefit your situation.


During your initial consultation, x-rays and a 3D image of your jaw will be taken in order to assess the amount of bone you have and the size of your sinuses. This will help determine how much bone is available to anchor the implants into your mouth. If there is not enough bone,your trustworthy dentist in Lake Worth at Prestige Dental Care may need to place bone in the area and let it grow for 3-6 months, depending on the area, before placing the implant(s).


Patients need to understand that the process of getting an implant with its corresponding final restoration could take upwards of eight months depending on the case.

On surgery day, the implant will be surgically anchored by your caring dentist into your jaw bone under local anesthesia. Pain at the implant site as well as bruising, soreness and swelling of your gums and face may occur after surgery, thus, pain medications and antibiotics may need to be prescribed by your dentist in Lake Worth. Once the implant is placed into the jaw bone, the healing (osseointegration) process can take up to six months.

After that, it will take another month or so for impressions to be taken and for the final restoration to be delivered. Implants are a very meticulous process and as such require ample time to make sure your investment will last you a long time. If you have any questions about the process, your Lake Worth dentist at Prestige Dental Care will be happy to answer them.


The success rate varies depending on the location of the mouth the implant is placed. Studies have found a five – year success rate of around 95% in the lower anterior jaw while in the upper jaw the success rate is of about 90%. This slight decrease in success rate for upper jaw implants has to do with its bone density. Bone density in the maxilla (the upper jaw) is less dense than in the lower jaw, which makes successful osseointegration, the structural and functional connection of the implant and the living bone, more difficult to achieve. Nonetheless, at Prestige Dental Care, your knowledgeable dentist will use techniques proven to maximize the success rate of your implant and restoration.


You should think of an implant as if it was your natural tooth. Poor oral hygiene will lead to implant failures; thus, daily brushing and flossing is crucial in order to keep a healthy gum and a stable bone level. While it is true that implants cannot be affected by cavities, bacteria in the mouth can eat away at the gum and bone that support it and therefore can cause the implant to become mobile and unattach from your mouth. Therefore, routine hygiene visits to our dental office every three to four months are important to ensure your gums, teeth and the implants are stable and healthy. That way, gum and bone issues can be caught by our dentist near you in Lake Worth before they become irreversible. Also remember that your overall health may affect the success rate of any dental implant.

If you are considering dental implants with a trustworthy dentist near you, call us today at (561) 965-3933 or click below for a consultation.

If you are considering dental implants with a caring dentist near you, call us today at (561) 965-3933 or click below for a consultation